5 Little Ways To Go Green

5 Little Ways To Go Green

Maybe you don’t have the budget to install photovoltaic panels. Maybe you’re just looking for easy ways to try the green lifestyle before committing to something larger. Whatever your reasons for considering a more eco-friendly existence, here are just a few steps towards saving the environment that aren’t any trouble at all.

1. Cut Your Showers Short

Even if you can only stand to shower for one minute less, that’s still gallons and gallons saved over the course of a lifetime. The next time you think about a rinse and repeat, just hop out of the shower instead.

2. Buy from Sustainable Brands

You can find eco-friendliness in businesses across the globe. Even jewelry refining groups have jumped on the green lifestyle! Click here to learn more about how refiners are protecting and preserving the environment.

3. Walk To The Corner Store

It’s okay if you aren’t ready to bike all the way to work. Just strolling to the corner store instead of revving up the Mustang will save more than 1,000 pounds in CO2 emissions each year. The same goes for quick errands that you handle by foot instead of by vehicle.

4. Stop Adjusting The Thermostat

Put it on a single temperature and don’t touch it for the rest of the day. Every time you do, you’re making the unit burn more power to accommodate your changing desires. Start living at a comfortable and daily-set climate.

5. Don’t Open The Oven

In the same vein as the above, checking on that casserole in the middle of a cook cycle is also costing precious energy that the universe can’t afford to lose. Replace your oven light instead. You’ll be able to see what you need to see without consuming more power to do it.

These are just a few easy ways to go green. As you can see, it isn’t nearly as much effort as some blogs and lifestyle experts suggest! As long as you’re willing to commit to a greener way of living, you can make positive, proactive changes without breaking a sweat.


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