A Quick How-To Day Spa Guide

A Quick How-To Day Spa Guide

An increasingly popular vacation for all varieties of people is a destination spa resort. Not only do these resorts provide a relaxing atmosphere, luxurious services, and often fine dining, but they also can serve as a rejuvenating escape for both mind and body. If you have never visited a spa before, you might have no idea where to begin or what services to choose from what is often a long menu of massages, facials, and hair removal treatments. To get a better idea of what you should do with your time at a spa, here is a quick how-to guide about spas.

Staying Within Your Comfort Zone

Some people might suggest that you go hog wild at a spa and try every service available, even the things that might make you uncomfortable. While you should not stay hidden in your hotel room for your entire vacation, neither should you stress yourself out about trying strange and new treatments you have only just learned existed. Your vacation will be a success if you feel relaxed and rejuvenated which cannot happen if you are on edge.

Start out small with a relaxing massage. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, go for a deep tissue massage or a hot rock massage. While these are by no means wild and crazy, they will make you feel wonderfully relaxed afterward and are worth it. If you are uncomfortable with being naked in front of strangers, most resorts invite you to strip bare only if you feel comfortable.

A very good choice for first timers is whole body buffs or exfoliation treatments. After a soothing massage and scrub with natural exfoliating products, your skin will feel silky smooth and have a healthy glow about it. This service hooks many people on the spa experience. Make sure that you try one new thing—you will probably be pleasantly surprised by the experience and will be glad that you took a chance, even if you were a little hesitant at first. Many resorts offer spa specials if you choose a package deal that may include trying something you have never heard of before.

Finding a Resort That is Right for You

There are spas all over the world and each offers slightly different services. There are many resorts located near natural mineral hot springs. There are spas in Europe that have existed for many hundreds of years, and were favorite locations for people in the Roman Empire to socialize and bathe.

If it is your first spa experience, you may want to investigate online spa specials and deals for both local day spas and large resorts in traditional vacation destinations. If your family is going on a vacation you may choose to take a day or two for yourself to rest and relax. If you do this, go to a locale that has attractions for your kids and spouse in case they are not interested in the spa experience.

Take Time to Rest

Try not to cram your schedule so full that you do not have time for quiet contemplation or a nap. If you are taking a vacation to recover from your hectic work life, or crazy schedule, do not bring your issues with you. Make the most of your vacation, which in this case means making time for relaxation.



  1. Sherry Ann Gole Cruz

    October 17, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    I never had a time to go to a spa, thanks for your tips, this will help a lot!

  2. Jastene Galacio

    October 24, 2013 at 1:57 am

    I really need this now since I’m on vacation the words relax, no stress, and find the best resort to do all these stuff.. Thanks for the idea. :)

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