A World Of Makeup In One School

A World Of Makeup In One School

If you love applying makeup and everything about it, what better way of putting your talent into good use than by making money out of it. Talent, however, in this competitive day and age is not enough. You have to study more so as to know more. You can enroll at a makeup academy to hone your craft and to have credentials needed for a better paying job. One of the more prestigious professional makeup schools in South Florida and one of the few licensed make up artistry schools in the United States is Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry. Founded in 1997, its founding philosophy was a commitment to educational excellence and its goal is to create and nurture highly technically trained artists in different makeup fields namely beauty, fashion, film, television, and special effects.

A World Of Makeup In One School

The school boasts of highly accomplished faculty members. Everyone is welcome to attend Cosmix and is provided with the best training. When it comes to special effects, they offer students hands on training in the manufacturing and application of prosthetics. Furthermore, every student’s artistic style and expression is encouraged to grow. Among the courses they offer are Master Makeup Artistry, Production and Fashion Makeup Artistry, and Special Makeup FX. Another good thing about Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is that they also provide support and assistance with career management. Employers in need of makeup artists for various events contact their Career Services Department for referrals. Cosmix likewise teaches their students on the right way of marketing themselves and how to build their professional portfolio.


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