• Feminex: Every Woman’s Energy Booster

    Feminex: Every Woman's Energy Booster

    Balancing the roles of being a good mom and wife, plus a career on the side is never easy because it entails a lot of hard work and dedication. Although all of them are rewarding, the stress that comes with it is sometimes unnerving and leaves one feeling worn out and exhausted. Good thing there is Feminex Female Libido Enhancer for women like me who need a boost from the stresses of everyday life. It’s a female enhancement supplement which boosts women’s libido among other things. Not only that, it holistically balances female hormones thus giving more energy, strength, and endurance.


  • Klairs To The Rescue

    We all want beautiful, radiant skin that we could confidently show off to everyone and would probably do our best to achieve that. We try different skin care products until we find the one that suit our skin to a T, a product that we know our skin can’t live without. When I discovered Klairs I knew that I’ve found the brand for me. Established in 2010 in Seoul, South Korea, their goal is to take care of the skin care problems of women with sensitive skin. They only make use of safe and qualified ingredients that aren’t harmful to the skin such as Hyaluronic Acid and Beta-glucan which are great for moisturizing. Furthermore, Klairs is eco-friendly and they refuse to do any form of animal testing.

    Klairs Moisture Rescue Set


  • Lemon Nail Salon And Spa: Beauty Without The Hefty Price + Giveaway

    With all the things I do as a wife, mom, businesswoman, and blogger, it’s hard to find time for myself. Although all these roles are rewarding and fulfilling, a little bit of “me” time and some relaxation would really be nice. What better way to do this than to pamper myself by going to a salon. This is one of my most favorite forms of relaxation because not only will I get treated and feel like a queen, I’ll also look like one.

    Lemon Nail Salon And Spa: Beauty Without The Hefty Price


  • A Wonderful Nail Experience At Beauty & Butter

    More Filipinos are becoming beauty and health conscious and that is the reason why beauty salons, spas, facial centers, and other businesses that has something to do with beauty and fitness have become popular and lucrative. I see these establishments in every mall I visit and sometimes have a hard time choosing which salon to go to since all of them boasts of their excellent services and affordable prices.

    A Wonderful Nail Experience At Beauty & Butter