Choosing The Right Jeans For Your Body Type

Choosing The Right Jeans For Your Body Type

Not all jeans will look good on you. That’s a fact. For you to look taller and slimmer, you’ll have to know the styles and brands that fit and flatter and that’s only possible if you buy the right jeans for your body type. Curvy women should wear dark wash jeans that will remove inches off the lower body. To make your buttocks appear smaller, the rear pockets should be placed close together and angled slightly inward. If you have a flat butt, pockets placed a little higher than normal will make your rear appear rounder. Women with athletic bodies, on the other hand, should wear slim-to-the-knee fit jeans with a wider leg opening and longer hemline.

If you’re problem is your wide hips, buy jeans that have an arrow straight shape. They should be finely trimmed and higher at the waist so as not to bare the backside. Tall women should shop for jeans with a higher rise, curved waistband, and strategically placed back pockets that adds proportion to a taller body while petite women should choose mid-rise jeans that rests just between the waist and hip bone. The vertical fading down the center of the thighs make a petite frame appear longer. If you really want jeans that rock, patiently shop for one. There are so many stores to buy from. Personally, I get jeans from ZALORA to pair with my casual tops.


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