Designer Perfumes For Him And Her

Designer Perfumes For Him And Her

Few things are as alluring as a man or a woman who smells good. Smells go straight to the most primitive parts of the brain, so it’s no wonder that a delicious scent is nearly irresistible.

Classy Fragrances, the designer perfume wholesale site, offers a wealth of fragrances for men and women. Among them is the 1 Million line for men, which includes aftershave and eau de toilette spray. Both have stimulating notes of spices, including mint, amber, blond leather and white woods. The bottles themselves are cleverly made in the shape of gold ingots.

Other fragrances for men are Paco Rabanne cologne eau de toilette spray, Black Xs cologne eau de toilette spray and Invictus deodorant, both also from Paco Rabanne. Invictus is a scent that’s good for informal occasions and has notes of oak moss, grapefruit, bay leaves, patchouli and jasmine. Paco Rabanne cologne eau de toilette spray has notes of amber, lavender and other spices, while Black Xs is made for more formal events and has top notes that include bergamot, middle notes that include juniper berries and base notes of musk, cedar wood and sandalwood.

Bvlgari also offers an eau de toilette spray for men. It’s Aqua Marine cologne and comes in a lovely aquamarine and silver colored bottle. Masculine and bracing, it has notes of mineral amber, santolina, posidonia and others. Bvlgari also offers an aftershave and eau de toilette spray cologne, both appropriately named Man.

Of course, Classy Fragrances also offers women’s perfume. These include Amarige in its 0.13 ounce bottle, created by the House of Givenchy. It has a gentle, feminine scent with notes of mimosa, violets, peaches, plums and other fruit. Angel Eau de parfum comes in its distinctive, star-shaped bottle and is famous not only for its Oriental notes but mouth-watering hints of candy floss, caramel and berries.

Burberry’s eau de parfum spray comes in a cleverly designed box that echoes the linings of the company’s famous trench coats. This pattern is repeated in its 1.7 ounce bottle. The fragrance itself is bracing, with notes of icy pear, lime, white peony and mahogany.

Along with fragrances, other gifts include skin care for men and women such as tins of shea butter and tubes of eye balm, facial exfoliators and foam cleansers.

Scents for men and women can be worn for nearly every occasion, whether formal or casual. Blended with a person’s natural odor, the same fragrance gives each wearer a unique smell.


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