Digital Photography Tips For Your Baby Cards

Digital Photography Tips For Your Baby Cards

If you have just welcomed a newborn, you may intend on sending a personalized baby card to your nearest and dearest to officially “announce” the details of your new arrival. A popular choice with such cards is to include a photograph or even multiple photographs of the newborn baby. Therefore, as new parents, therein lies the task of selecting “the” photograph to include in the cards.

In past years, the pressure to capture the perfect photograph was much more intense as we could not view the pictures we were taking. Each photograph taken meant that another space on the camera film was occupied. Perhaps, this is why so many baby pictures that exist from years ago are so disastrous! Thankfully, modern technology allows us to take multiple photographs at a time without any extra “cost”. You don’t have to go searching for a disposable camera when the “right” opportunity for a photograph occurs. Modern devices such as phones, tablets and games consoles as well as digital cameras of course, all have the capability of performing the task for you. There is therefore less pressure to secure a great photograph. You should take as many photographs as you can on whatever device is available or closest to you at the time, to allow you to have a vast variety of snaps to choose from.

The so-called “selfie” mode of devices allows you to take a picture with your baby without the need for anyone else to help you. However, it is advised that you should, if possible, have someone else take the picture should the opportunity arise to ensure that the focus and quality are better. The other person can hold the camera in place and snap at the right moment. While a “selfie” may be the hip thing at the moment, it will not serve as a timeless photograph.

Try to choose an appropriate time to seal your snap. When your baby is trying to eat or is settling down for the night to sleep is probably not the best time to try to secure an appropriate photograph – unless you want to include a picture of a very cranky baby! In the morning time, after your little one has had a good sleep and a morning feed is often when they are at their happiest and most energetic. This can prove a golden opportunity to capture a photograph. The lighting in the morning will also be far more favorable than at night time.

A fitting photograph for a baby card is to gather friends and family and show off the different generations. For example, if you have a little boy, perhaps sit Grandad, Father and Son in descending order. This can make for a timeless photograph which would be cherished by generations to come. Additional fitting photographs to include in the card are those which show the size of the little baby’s hand pressed against mum or dad’s big hand.

You are in no big rush to send out a baby card so you have plenty of time to capture the perfect photograph. Your personalized baby card will serve as a keepsake or memoir for the recipient. They will not mind having to wait a while to receive a truly unique and exceptional card which includes stunning baby photographs.

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  1. Raqisah Alimona

    March 21, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    Good tips for those moms there! Thanks for this one, I’m gonna recommend this to some of my friends who have one! :)

  2. Abby Matic

    April 18, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    Nice article, hope I made mine when I born my little princess, unfortunately my daughter’s christening was really unexpected. Funny how I got the god mother and god father from somewhere else (brother’s friends, husband’s neighbor) but it all went well. :)) I will take a note of this in case I got my little prince soon.

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