From Mother Of The Bride Dresses To Wedding Day Preparations – A Guidebook For The Mother Of The Bride

A Guidebook For The Mother Of The Bride

What a joyous moment it is when you find out that your little girl is getting married! Immediately after hearing the news however, the joy will turn into the need to jump into planning mode immediately, and from the selection of the wedding gown to the mother of the bride dresses hunt, you have to help your girl make sure that everything is perfect on her wedding day.

However, you need to remember to take a deep breath, and calm down. Take it easy, as you do not want to become too much of a dominant force behind her wedding planning. It is her day and you are there to help her, not to push her into Bridezilla mode.

A Guidebook For The Mother Of The Bride

The mother of the bride probably has the most important place in the wedding; it is her job to support the bride, to assist in finalizing the wedding plans, to entertain the guests, and much more. We present to you a few pieces of advice to ease your way into the process.

1. Let The Bride Be The Leading Lady

Remember this: even though you might be paying for her wedding, this is her day and you need to let her be in control. Many brides have major fallouts with their mothers during the preparations as mothers often unknowingly impose their decisions on the bride. Your loving support and assistance is what she needs; give her advice, but let her make the final decisions. She must already be feeling immense pressure; don’t make it more difficult for her over trivial details.

2. Welcome Those New Aliens Into The Family

At some point, your daughter will introduce you to her husband-to-be and her in-laws. During the wedding process, you might feel at odds with this new family who has suddenly become part of your life, as they may have a completely different way of doing things. But remember this: it is better to start these important relationships on a positive note. The wedding day will pass but the memories you make during this time will last forever, so instead of showing the in-laws who is the boss, welcome them lovingly into your family.

3. Enjoy Shopping Time

Here is the most interesting and important part of the wedding: shopping for the dresses. As the mother of the bride, you will be required to take part in deciding the wedding dress, not to mention making a choice for yourself from among the hundreds of mother of the bride dresses. Help your little princess select the dress in which she looks and feels amazing, and be supportive at all costs. Next on the agenda is the selection for the mother of the bride dress; why not let your girl choose for you? Just something you can think about.

4. Let It Go

You will inevitably feel the need to glamorize the wedding and add in a few more embellishments and decoration details that you previously missed, but remember: let it go. Assure yourself that it is just one day and you have done your best. Don’t stress over things at the last moment.

5. Smile

Finally, the day of the wedding will arrive and your main duties as hostess will now begin. This will be the day you will have one last opportunity to dress up your little girl and place that beautiful veil on her head. Hug her and remind her how truly loved she is. Lastly, don’t forget to loosen up a little and dance along with the music, laughing and having a blast with your loved ones.


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