Getting Sponsors Through Pear

Getting Sponsors Through Pear

Most wealthy people support causes and donate money to different charities. This is their way of sharing their blessings or giving back and making their lives more meaningful. For those who want to help but don’t have the resources to do so, they choose their advocacy and join an organization that supports that advocacy. But there are also some people who choose to form their own groups even without enough funds and rely on the generosity of sponsors and people who fight for the same causes.

Getting Sponsors Through Pear
Get up to $1000 in sponsorship donations at Pear.

Pear is a community marketing platform that reaches over 85MM millennials, college students, and families. One of the things they do is help brands create awareness, build consumer engagement, and increase sales. Aside from that, they make sponsorship easy for big and small groups and events. They help raise money, through sponsors, for the things that your group needs. The process is quite simple. First, choose from sponsors offering funding for custom apparel, donations, gift cards and make your own Pear page. Second, activate your community and invite supporters to join your Pear and raise money by connecting with your sponsor online. Pear has sharing tools that make it easier for you to tell everyone what your group is about. Remember, the more supporters you have, the more money your group receives. Awards are easy to get. Funding for custom apparel can be used when ordering at Pear’s partner printers (including Among the sponsors your group can choose from Verizon, Ritz Bits, U.S. Cellular, Johnsonville, and Applebee’s.

To know more information about Pear, you may visit their website at or follow them on Facebook (, Twitter (@pear_says), and Instagram (@pearsays).

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