Holiday Hosting Without Wasteful Spending

Holiday Hosting Without Wasteful Spending

Holiday gatherings are perfect for expressing the importance of friends and marking important occasions and milestones. Christmas and other special days are celebrated times of year, when people treat themselves to the finer things in life. Friends and family are held dear, making up the basis for countless holiday gatherings and parties.

The spirit of the season is what it’s all about, giving revelers an excuse to come together for celebrations. But for hosts and hostesses the tab can quickly climb beyond the budgeted resources, especially for parties of considerable size. Even smaller affairs easily spiral beyond budgetary discipline, prompting hosts and hostesses to go very high-end, buying exotic ingredients for meals and pushing the envelope on the types of adult beverages offered.

The balance point for holiday entertaining is different for everyone, with a variety of approaches providing festive holiday cheer. When money is no object, going over the top is a prudent way to mark holidays, anniversaries, graduations and other important family milestones; but when cash flow is slowed or other strains keep you from throwing financial caution to the wind, you may consider the help of a payday loan to ensure your party is a success. You may also use a few proven strategies to keep your party plans within reason.

Less Ambitious Plans keep Budgets in Line
There is no questioning the spirit of the season, which permeates daily life during certain times of year. Important celebrations take hold in our planning centers, causing us to craft overly ambitious plans for marking festive occasions and holidays. Lavish, expensive, over the top events are in order, as long as the resources are available to pay for the amenities included at your event. On the other hand, if there is a limit to the amount of money you’d like to spend on your holiday entertainment, downsize your expectations from the start, so that you are not disappointed along the way.

Simplifying your party planning doesn’t mean casting aside all of the fun features of your celebration. Instead, it is a prioritizing approach, which trades the cost of certain needs for money spent on others, until a suitable balance point is met between the party you’d throw using someone else’s money and the event you can sponsor with your own funds.

Start with your party menu to carve out savings. Each distinct dish you serve comes with its own ingredients list, driving costs up quickly when specialty items are required for each plate you serve. Instead of crafting several elaborate offerings, pare the number down to two or three, and incorporate related ingredients across the dishes. Themed menus, for example, follow regional fare or other thematic palettes, so ingredients are shared from one plate to the next.

The types of food you serve have a big impact on the total tally for your event, so it is important to sketch out a rough budget before committing to a specific menu. Within each menu classification, there are expensive options and those presenting greater value for feeding guests. Hosts and hostesses draw the line in their own unique spots, but minor adjustments go a long way toward saving on party budgets. Instead of serving expensive exotic cheese from exclusive markets, try presenting a few lower-priced artisan farmhouse varieties, perhaps sourced locally. The impact on your diners’ enjoyment will not be negative, yet the positive reverberations will be felt immediately within your party budget.

Discipline applied to your food menu should also extend to the beverages you serve at holiday gatherings. Instead of trying to furnish a completely stocked bar, like the one at the pub, limit your drinks to a few favorites. Guests are always welcome to bring wine and spirits of their own, or to offer as gifts, but your budget is held in line by contributing only a couple drink varieties on the house.


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  1. Mona Verdida

    April 14, 2014 at 2:30 am

    I am one of the guilty ones who has high expectations especially when it comes to party planning, but does not have the budget to pull it through. Your post is quite an eye-opener for me and made me realize it so I should really stick to my budget especially on food where I often wanted to offer all types of food to my guests. Instead of having a lavish buffet spread, I should just serve simple and economical buffets like I see in group-buying sites.

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