Make Shaving More Fun

Make Shaving More Fun

For most, shaving is just another part of the daily hygiene routine. It ranks right up there with the excitement of brushing teeth or clipping fingernails, though obviously in the case of shaving, there is the added benefit of having a well-groomed appearance. But who says shaving has to be simply a routine? Make it an enjoyable experience by indulging in luxury shaving products that will create an almost spa-like experience by both accomplishing a necessary task and giving your skin some much needed pampering.

First, you’ll want to decide how you will shave: with a modernized razor, which features disposable cartridges that ensure a smooth shave with minimal prep or fuss; or would you prefer to be a traditionalist by choosing to use a straight edge razor with the various required accoutrements? Common modern razors that come highly recommended by most men include Gillette’s Fusion, which features 3 ultra-thin, ultra-sharp blades that can flex to contour perfectly to the shape of your face; and the Horn Classic Mach 3, which is a cross between a straight edge razor and a more modern razor.

Once you’ve chosen your shaving instrument of choice, as well as any necessary accessories (if you opt for a straight edge razor, you’ll want to have a shaving strop on hand for blade smoothing and sharpening), it’s time to move on to skin prep tools: moisturizer, conditioner, and shaving cream. And finally, you’ll want two fluffy towels: one for a wet application, and one to dry your skin with.

Prepare yourself for a luxurious shaving experience by first applying moisturizer to your face. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes, and then shower or wash your face, using conditioner on both your skin as well as your facial hair. Set up your shaving tools in a well-lit room with a large mirror, and before you begin shaving, take one of the towels and soak it in warm water, then wrap it around your face for two to three minutes. This last minute application of heat and moisture, along with the moisturizer and conditioner, will result in ultra-hydrated skin, softened hairs, and open hair follicles — all of which will ensure a smooth, close, irritation-free shave.


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