Natural Alternatives To Zantrex

Natural Alternatives To Zantrex

This thermogenic diet pill contains six ingredients based on caffeine. The other seven components acts as colorants, texturing agents etc. The manufacturer claims that such mixture of ingredients is a perfect weight management solution, which provides incredible results.

The main ingredient of Zantrex-3 is trimethylxanthine, which is the chemical name of caffeine. Two pills contain around 300mg of this component approaching the average daily limit of 400ng. Actually, caffeine can trigger side effects regardless of the amount. Nausea, headaches, depression, mood swings, diarrhea, increased heart rate – this is a short list of side effects triggered by caffeine. The other active ingredients are mostly teas (Schizonepeta Flower Extract, Yerba Mate Leaf and others), which also provide high amount of caffeine.

For the product that relies on caffeine, the price of $29.99 for 84 pills is overestimated. In addition, a recommended dosage of Zantrex-3 is 6 pills a day, which amounts to 900mg of caffeine. Such volume of this strong stimulant is dangerous to your health, and the probability of side effects is enormous.

The majority of customers’ reviews is negative. As a rule, they relate to serious side effects. There are a few cases of hospitalization.

Considering the above, it is recommended to pay attention to natural alternatives to Zantrex-3.


These diet pills were considered the best pills for losing weight in 2017. The purely natural components provide numerous health benefits like improving immune function, increasing metabolism, suppressing appetite, and many others.

Such combination of natural ingredients without any stimulants is unlikely to trigger any side effects. By the way, the customers have not mentioned any of it. The majority of feedbacks relate to great losing weight results, which were achieved using Sletrokor. The price of the product is $35.99, which is considered a quite affordable cost for natural diet formula.

Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia

This pill is based on the single ingredient called extract of Garcinia Cambogia fruit. A hydroxycitric acid is the main active chemical agent of the ingredient. It blocks enzymes that create fat.

This diet solution provides impressive weight loss efficiency. The users of Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia note high efficiency and absence of any side effects, because the pills contain no artificial ingredients.

You can obtain such weight management benefits for $35.99 only. Besides, you can get your money back within thirty days.

Acai Berry Supreme

This diet product also contains a plant-based ingredient. The extract of Acai berry is the main component of these diet pills. The berry provides antioxidant effect and rich amount of nutrients. The other health benefits caused by the berry extract are weight loss, energy increase, skin quality improvement etc. The active ingredient of Acai Berry Supreme provides your body with amino and fatty acids, calcium, iron, fiber, and various vitamins.


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