Salon Tips For The Active Bride-To-Be

Salon Tips For The Active Bride-To-Be

With all of the excitement in the months leading up to your wedding, some brides get worried about making sure the day goes smoothly. For women who don’t particularly care for the routine of hair, makeup and nails, getting all gussied up for the wedding can be a huge source of concern. If you’re more into riding horses or restoring classic cars than worrying about fashion or the latest haircuts, here are some tips for getting ready for your wedding.

Get Your Nails Reinforced

If you’ve never worn false nails a day in your life, they will take some getting used to. Don’t make the mistake of having a full set applied a day before the wedding, as you could rip one off, stain your dress with blood and spend the day in pain. Get a short set about three weeks before the ceremony and have them filled and repainted a day or two before the ceremony. You’ll adapt to the length gradually and be far less likely to hurt yourself.

Experiment with Hairstyles

If you have short hair, any number of local Portland Oregon hair salons can help you find the right style for your big day. Don’t wait until the morning of the wedding and just trust that your stylist will know how you want your hair done. Try out a few different styles before the big day.

Train Yourself to Stop Touching Your Face

For blushing brides that don’t usually wear makeup, the urge to scratch at your face and rub your eyes can be overwhelming. Practice with some makeup at home, or just slather your face with moisturizer in the evenings. Make a conscious effort to stop touching your face, or you could destroy your makeup on your big day.

If you’re the kind of woman who is into a no-frills routine but still wants to look gorgeous on your wedding day, these tips will help you get ready to look your best for your groom.


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