Summer Outfits To Make You Look Thinner

Summer Outfits To Make You Look Thinner

The summer heat typically leaves you looking for the least amount of clothes to wear, but what about those days when you must wear something more than a swimsuit? Look no further than the following perfect for summer outfit ideas that will make you look thinner.

Contrast at the Right Location

Consider contrasting your waist with a sash or belt that is brightly colored. Bonus points if that sash or belt is color coordinated with one of your accessories. Another option is to pair this tip with some high waist shorts. When choosing shorts, go with a pair that fits well and sits at your waist.

Don’t Forget to Layer

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t layer clothing. For example, wear a trendy, oversized crop top over a tanktop. This is a perfect way to wear your favorite crop tops without actually showing your midriff, which is an area of the body that a lot of women are self-conscious about. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear crop tops alone. In fact, all body types can look in crop tops if you wear the appropriate size. Choose a top that comes to your natural waist and pair it with pants or a skirt that is of the high waist variety.

Grab a Shift Dress

Often thought of as unflattering, a shift dress can actually make you appear thinner by concealing the areas you don’t want to flaunt. Make sure to choose one that features a playful print or soft summer hue.

Draw Attention to your Waist

Choosing an outfit that makes the focal point your waist can actually make your mid-section appear smaller. An example of this is a boldly printed drop waist dress that minimizes your width. Another option is to opt for a dress – preferably sheath or A-line – that exposes a midline zipper. What this does is make the center of your body the focal point, which makes you appear thinner.

Utilize Full, Flouncy Skirts

Flowy and every bit as summery as shorts, a full flouncy skirt can be a lifesaver when you need to mask the look of the thigh and hip areas, while minimizing the mid-section. Unfortunately, some people are under the misconception that more fabric, or flounce, will make you appear larger. This isn’t always the case and can actually have the opposite effect, drawing attention to your body’s smaller parts.


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