The Top 5 Extraordinary Ideas For Dating

The Top 5 Extraordinary Ideas For Dating

‘Hey, wanna have a drink sometimes? What are you doing next weekend? Maybe we’ll watch some new movie? What about dinner?’ Such invitations on a date are surely work because they are classical. But let’s be honest, they are corny and not surprising. If you want to make a strong positive impression, don’t restrict yourself, be imaginative.

Need advice for dating? Here are 5 interesting ideas for dating. Not all of them may be appropriate for the very first time, but if you know each other at least, these tips will brighten your beginnings. Beautiful women from Prime Brides will definitely love all of them.


Convince your couple that you keep a healthy lifestyle – invite her to ride bikes. Before renting bicycles, choose nice and scenic trail. You may ride across the city or find some shady path in the park. Easy ride allows you to communicate with each other and some physical activities will cheer you up. Then stop in some silent and romantic place and have a picnic. Bring sandwiches, fruits, juice and have a sweet talk – this is the great opportunity to have a rest and to get closer to each other.


Creating something together is the best way to know your partner better. The most enjoyable idea for such option is cooking. Book a professional cooking class or invite your mate to your place. Pick up some simple dishes, cooperate in cooking and then spend the rest of the date enjoying your masterpiece. Even if you are far from being a celebrity chef, you will have a lot of fun together.

Dancing Class

Our body language can be more explicit than words. Dancing reveals passion, sexuality, brings your date closer physically and emotionally. In addition, it is another good way to have a great time and get new skills. Don’t worry if you have never danced before: studios offer sessions for everyone and will be glad to teach first-timers.


If you think about boredom when it is spoken about museums, it means you are stuck in the past century. Today their variety is huge and offer to know more about fashion, science, contemporary art, literature and more. Visiting a museum will demonstrate your sophisticated taste and broaden your views. Moreover, there will be more themes to discuss on a date.

Playing Games

This dating idea is perfect for geeks and sport fans. If you and your couple are fond of any types of games, don’t be shy and offer to come back to childhood. Playing table soccer, Ping-Pong, pool, video games are great solution for couples who adore bright impressions and the spirit of challenge. If you prefer more active performance, the best entertainments are tennis, badminton or Frisbee.

As you can see, there are far more ways to spend a date. Just turn on your imagination and open your heart to new experience.


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