Why Russian Brides Are So Popular?

Why Russian Brides Are So Popular?

Dating brides from Slavic countries seems to be a global trend for the last ten to twenty years. Everything started with the dissolution of Soviet Union and the fall of the iron curtain. But can this dating phenomena be explained by the fact that western men consider Russian women exotic?

Yes, Russian girls differ greatly from their western counterparts. Western men consider East European girls to be more beautiful than their domestic women. But is the appearance the sole reason?

Actually, the main reason lies in the different life attitudes.

Feminism and emancipation impacted western women long ago. When you marry a western woman, you shouldn’t expect her to be a perfect housewife. She can be your partner and even your business rival. Besides, you are lucky if you’ve managed to marry her.

A lot of western men complain that marriage and family is no longer the top priority for their women. Nowadays, the main focus for western women is education and career.

Men believe that western woman is no longer interested in dating and finding her second half. She is much more interested in building a successful career.

Russian women, on the other hand, are believed to be ultimately different. Their main goal in life is to settle down and build a family. For example Russian girls go through a patriarchal upbringing, according to which man is the most respected person in a woman’s life.

How is it possible that women with the old-fashioned dream about string family and with such attitude towards men are so eager to marry a foreigner? The reason lies in the current state of Russian traditions.

Getting married in the tender age of late teens or early twenties is still common in Russia. But that is not an age for important decisions, that’s why divorces are also common in that post-Soviet state. Few years after the marriage, they understand that they are not strong and experienced enough to handle all the family issues.

In Russia, man usually is the first to run away. As a result Russia is the country full of single moms of young age dreaming about strong and happy family. If western women choose the feminism, their Russian sisters are forced to be emancipated. Single mothers work hard to make ends meet.

Observing this tendency younger girls seek alternative variants. They either focus on building a career or search for a foreigner who will help her to incarnate their family ideals.

So if you marry a Russian girl you’ll get the embodiment of your dreams. Self-sacrifice is the common aspect of Russian culture. In woman the self-sacrifice turns into total devotion to her duties as a wife.

She will be the perfect housewife and an excellent lover. She will cook unforgettable meals, and it won’t end on acquaintance with Russian cuisine. Russian woman can learn to cook any meal that her husband wants. As a lover, Russian woman will bring you fantastic sex.

Knowing all that it makes no surprise why Russian brides are the center of attention for western men.


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