7 Celebrity Fashion Trend Setters

7 Celebrity Fashion Trend Setters

Celebrities are a key source of inspiration for style and grace (sometimes). These celebrities in particular fit the mold of someone to look up to, especially when it comes to getting dressed. Their style is on point and always starting new trends and keeping up with the times. They are always on the red carpet, and photographers always want shots of them, and for good reason. They are beautiful and put together and that, my friends, makes it or breaks it. They are always on the top of the fashion charts on TV, in magazines and all over social media.

1. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita is the picture of class. She kills on the red carpet consistently and is always turning heads. She picks colorful and unique colored clothing that accents her stunning skin and facial structure. Her high cheekbones are played up with blushes of different shades and bright or deep red lipstick causes her lips to pop. She is not afraid to approach clothing that is out of the box, and she does not play it safe with clothing or makeup, but she always pulls it off.

2. Blake Lively

As most of us know Blake Lively from Gossip Girl, she still continues to dress just as well as Serena did (amazingly), if not better! The impressive ability she has to dress classy, but still start trends, is beyond me. She shows off her long and toned legs with high slits and accentuates her blonde locks with statement jewelry. Blake leaves her neck bare, which helps with the accentuation of her hair even more. Blake is an All-American girl and don’t we all just wish we looked and dressed like her!

3. Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo, while on many different media outlets as a model and a judge on various fashion shows, first made an appearance to many of us on an MTV show called The City. Her style was already well beyond her years on the show and to this day her sophisticated style blows me away. She designs jewelry and shoes, among many other products, and is an icon in the fashion business industry. Impressive style and work life, she has found her flow.

4. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson auditioned for American Idol in the third season, in 2004. Her style then, although I adore her, was a bit tacky. She proved her talent in singing, and as her name got bigger, deservedly, her style grew as well and evolved into something wondrous. She lost weight and worked with Weight Watchers to proudly show her change. Her weight loss sparked all new positive risks in her dressing, and she looks like a dime piece. Her style is one to follow for some tips and inspiration.

5. Beyonce

Beyonce, what can I say? It is Beyonce. She rocks and she is married to Jay-Z, who obviously is quite a trendsetter himself. She does what she wants and most assuredly wears whatever she wants. She can pull off almost anything and with zero makeup on. She is a natural beauty through and through. She works with her curvy body and is the absolute queen of showing tons of skin, but not making it look trashy at all. Beyonce’s secret weapon is her ability to pick out the perfect accessories, jewelry, hats, shoes and sunglasses, with whatever she has on.

6. Selena Gomez

Selena is an inspiration to many younger fans, and her style is very appropriate for most ages. She dresses so adequately for her age and carries herself with grace. She wears many basics, including many jeans, from jean shorts to long jeans. She has a lot of crazy pairs of shoes that are eye-catchers and cool sunglasses. She parts her hair in the middle a lot and does sleek updos and ponytails. She shows off the features of her face when she does this, even though her hair is magnificent, but it allows her pouty lips and dark eyes to shine through.

7. Rihanna

Rihanna pushes all boundaries when it comes to her style. Although people like my mom might not enjoy her see-through tops and constant wearing of a skimpy bikini, I wholeheartedly support her fashion. She knows how to get attention, and she looks so sexy while doing it. If anyone can pull off wearing a see-through dress to an awards show, it is Rihanna. She exudes confidence in her clothing and her personality, and it is ALL she needs. You go girl!

These seven celebrities cannot push the style envelope any further, and it is in the best way possible. I follow their every style move, not because I always choose to, but because they are in magazines, on billboards, on TV, in the newspaper, and all over social media on the internet. They are all wonderful individuals and do not need good style to be beautiful, but they all dress wonderfully and are truly fashion guides.


About the author: Taylor Thomas, is a bit of a fashion enthusiast who tries to keep up to date on the latest styles. To help her pull off these high-class styles without needing a high-class salary, she turns to Morana Online. You can learn more about Taylor on Google+.


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  1. Tea Šainović

    March 21, 2015 at 11:16 pm

    Love Lupita, she is really classy! I like her style, she’s not afraid to experiment with clothes or makeup and always look so gorgeous.

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