Are You Using Too Many Accessories?

Are You Using Too Many Accessories?

Accessories, like those you can buy at Morana Online, are the best way to personalize your look and will help you pull an entire outfit together. A significant part of fashion is accessorizing, and it gives women the opportunity to add individuality and versatility to their looks. There are no written rules on how you have to accessorize and ultimately, it is completely up to you to decide what accessories you want to use and how many you want to use. When accessorizing you should add pieces slowly and figure out what is most comfortable to you. There are a number of different accessories to choose from when putting together an outfit: you have necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, gloves, sunglasses, earrings, purses, hats, headbands, scarves, belts, hair clips, and more! It can feel a little overwhelming at times, especially if you are new to this, but here are a few helpful tips that will help guide you in answering the question we have all asked ourselves before. Are you using too many accessories?

Fashion Inspiration

Many women look to other women in their lives, their favorite fashion magazines, or to celebrities that they love for fashion inspiration. Finding fashion inspiration through others is an excellent way to learn about accessorizing. When doing so it is important to make notes about things that you like and things that you do not like. This is an opportunity for you to be creative and have fun. A few of the right accessories can totally transform your look into something amazing. If there are certain accessories that you always wear such as a favorite pair of earrings, or if you wear a belt with your outfit most of the time, then start from those items and use them as your building block. When choosing your accessories it is important to be tasteful in your selections and to find a middle ground.

Balancing Act

So, are you using too many accessories? This is more about personal taste than anything else, so if you are unsure, here are a few helpful tips. Obviously, the choice is yours when it comes to personalizing your look and you might like the gaudy look, but you have to be careful because too many accessories can take away from the outfit and the look you were trying to achieve. Just because you have a love for accessories as so many of us women do, it does not mean that you have to pile on every piece that matches your outfit all at the same time. Unless you are modeling accessories at a photo-shoot, you do not need to look like a walking advertisement for your favorite jewelry company. When you are dressed and ready to start accessorizing, try sticking to between three and five items. Doing so, is the best way to make sure you are not overdoing it. Also, take into consideration the proportions of each item as this will make all of the difference. For example, if you do decide that you rather wear more accessories than less, try to make sure that you stay away from choosing too many large pieces for the same outfit. If you have a thick and chunky statement necklace that you are dying to wear with a new dress you purchased, stay away from also adding a thick and chunky bracelet or a thick and broad belt. Another way to reduce your chances of looking like you have too many accessories on, try balancing them out on your body by wearing your ring on the opposite hand then you have the bracelets on. The best piece of advice to follow when getting ready comes from Coco Chanel, the founders of Chanel Couture, who said to, “Always remove the last accessory you put on.”

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