How To Choose A Memorable Event Planner

How To Choose A Memorable Event Planner

How To Choose An Event Planner?

Planning your own event is a serious headache. You have to plan the invites, the theme, the location, refreshments, entertainment…you get the picture. The list is endless and the entire responsibility of the event rests on your shoulders. In this case, not only do you have to deal with the guests, you also have to deal with the back-end logistical problems. You just don’t have time to enjoy your event as you are busy micromanaging it. This is where an event planner appears. A good event planner can actually manage an entire event and free you from 90% of the headache involved with planning and setting up an event.

What do you look for in a good event planner or event planning agency?

Good industry contacts — Good industry contacts are essential to every event management company. Event management companies usually have contacts in the catering, decorating, hall renters, etc. and they can source almost any kind of material or decoration from anywhere. As a result, they can find any kind of interesting venue for your event, decorate it with unusual materials and find the best bands and caterers from anywhere in the US.

Bulk discounts — As the event manager has contacts in the industry, he already knows the vendors and he gives them repeat business. As a result, he gets discounts and he can transfer these discounts to his customers or to you. Eventually, this works out pretty well for everyone.

Experience — Event managers are up to date with the latest trends and styles in functions and they can show you ideas and themes that you might never have heard of or seem. Even if you have some unique ideas, the event management company will conceptualize them and set them up for you.

Versatile and capable — The event manager should be versatile and capable enough to deal with emergencies as they come up. in fact, problems can crop up at any time and a good event manager should be able to deal with logistical problems, errors and mistakes and solve them immediately.

References and experience — Yes, references are essential and you should check the references provided by the company or the manager. If possible, contact the previous clients and inquire about their experiences with the event manager. Take a look at the event book with the manager to understand how the manager works and how their previous events worked out. You should know though that fresh event managers with no experience are not necessarily bad and you can try them out. If you want a reputable agency, you should know that they will charge you for it.

We hope that these few tips will help you find the best event planner for your function. If you still cannot find a good planner, it’s a good idea to hire an all-services agency like Choice Productions. This all-inclusive event management company will plan, cater, decorate, entertain and generally, micromanage the entire event till you are satisfied.


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